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San Antonio Hispanic PR - September 2007

Mujeres Abogados Las Munecas Baby Abuelitas Cantan Canciones
Baby Abuelitas Dolls Sing Lullabies

Baby Abuelita dolls made by Baby Abuelita Productions have experienced a huge success for this newly founded, minority-owned business. The originality of these dolls that sing lullabies in Spanish - and look like grandparents with their "guayaberas" (Typical shirt worn by Hispanic men), "house coats" and other pertinent features - impressed Wal-Mart and put Baby Abuelita® among the approximately two percent of new products accepted.

After initial sales results in places like selected Wal-Mart throughout the country, Baby Abuelita will be available in more than four times the number of Wal-Mart stores in the United States and Puerto Rico, giving the founders good reason to sing with joy.

In preparation to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, Wal-Mart is not only purchasing a large number of dolls for distribution in more stroes but will also reserve the highly valued shelves for these dolls in select stores throughout the country. As part of the Baby Abuelita promotion, a group of employees from the stores will welcome customers with Baby Abuelita stickers while the toy department employees will wear special Baby Abuelita buttons.

In the course of one year, Baby Abuelita's success has surpassed comercial retail standards. The independent company earned second place in the daily Miami Herald "Business Plan Challenge", and has attended the New York Licensing Fair, Miami Cuba Nostalgia, and the Edward James Olmos Book and Latin Family Fair in Houston. In addition, Internet orders have been received from Europe for these unique dolls that so accurately represent the traditional grandparents.