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Baby Abuelita Goes To SPOK
Feb. 27, 2008

Westport, CT .... Miami, Fl-based based Baby Abuelita Productions has named Sound Points of Knowledge, LLC of Westport, CT as its merchandizing representative.

Sound Points of Knowledge (a/k/a SPOK), is a branding and licensing agency started by Baxter Urist and Jeanne Taylor Hard, both former officers of Sesame Street. SPOK specializes in developing brands, products and licensing for socially responsible brands for kids and families.

Baby Abuelita Productions was originally designed by Hispanic moms to preserve Hispanic songs and culture. Co-founders Carol Fenster and Hilda Argilagos-Jimenez of Miami, FL recognized the desire of Hispanic parents to preserve their cultural heritage . Abuelita Rosa and Abuelito Pancho are the grandparent dolls that sing sweet lullabies or "canciones de cuna" and other traditional Hispanic songs. The dolls help keep the cultural heritage alive for every generation. Retail has responded: the dolls are a huge hit at Wal-Mart, Target and Kmart. Production for a home video animated series is currently underway. This reverses the usual formula of a doll being spun out of a popular program.

Baxter Urist has an extensive background in building children's brands: Former president of The Smile Train, The Youth Trust, as well as former Group President, Licensing and International Television for Sesame Workshop. Jeanne Taylor Hard started one of the first brands aimed at Hispanics with HOLA BEBE and Sonia Manzano ("Maria" from Sesame Street). As Vice President for Sesame Street, Ms. Taylor Hard helped open up the food business and the Asian market to Sesame Street-licensed products. Overseeing the launch of over 400 stores in Japan alone, ranging from stationery and gifts to school supplies, house wares and apparel.

According to SPOK partner Baxter Urist, "Baby Abuelita is a lovable and authentic Hispanic brand with four main characters. We will be expanding into many other infant and pre-school categories. We're so proud to be 'God-parents' to Baby Abuelita."

President, Carol Fenster, states "We are proud to have Jeanne and Baxter as licensing representatives for Baby Abuelita. Their extensive background in culturally sensitive brands makes for a perfect fit with our vision of growing Baby Abuelita into the preschool brand for preserving Hispanic Culture."

    Jeanne Taylor Hard 203-846-0118 email jeannehard@aol.com
    Baxter Urist 203-856-5005 email burist@optonline.net